lilith - package building machine for m68k NetBSD

A little information about this machine

lilith is an Amiga 1200 that has been in constant service since 1995 which
means it has executed around 7 x 10^16 instructions to date.

lilith is equipped with a phase5 Blizzard 1260 with 50 MHz m68060,
Blizzard SCSI IV module (DMA Fast SCSI-2), 256 megs of memory and a
500 gig Toshiba TR150 SSD on an Acard SCSI-IDE adapter and an IDE-SATA adapter.
It has painstakingly been built into a 1U rackmount case with a 100 Mbps
PCMCIA ethernet, a VGA adapter, a keyboard port, audio/video out, cool LEDs,
a CompactFlash to IDE adapter to boot the kernel off of a 16 gig CF card,
and lots of fancy wiring and mounting to get everything to fit as planned.

Click here for a top down view of lilith,
click here for a picture of the front of lilith, or
click here for a picture of the ports at the rear.

This machine runs NetBSD 10.0_RC4, builds binary pkgsrc packages via pbulk for all NetBSD m68k platforms and is an Aminet mirror server (

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